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Private residential house interior

Private residential house interior

Interior project location: Tauragė, Lithuania

Interior project completion year: 2016

Interior project size: 204 m²

Interior project description:

This private residential house was built in 2015, located in a nice residential area of the beautiful river valley. In front of this modern a single-floor house stretches wide, bright space, so we wanted the sense of space to move inside of the house. Interior work began on internal restructuring, the basic idea - as far as possible to open the space, visually connecting the main - living room, dining, kitchen area, but at the same time maintaining clear boundaries between these different areas. The most important task to concentrate all these facilities to the main facade of the building, enjoying the best views and orientation.

Plan structure

The entrance opens up to the livingroom. By moving towards it, to the right you can see the kitchen, where in the depth, hiding behind the kitchen fasades plane is the secret entrance to the pantry. In the main space you can find the entrance to the office and laundry. If you manage to refrain from the desire to move immediately towards the livingroom, there in the entrance on the left side you may notice access to the sleeping area, where there are located two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a dressing room.


The textures of the materials play an important role in the interior. Stone, aged rough wood, textured natural fabrics. All of them gives a live, human character to the space. Light stone floor emphasizes a clean and clear, uncluttered room, which is warmed up by the aged wood items - furniture, flower planters, fireplace finishing. The kitchen is fully designed and custom made. The furniture of the livingroom and other areas reflects the functional, minimalist, clear design trend.

We believe that the interior reflects the people living in it, their way of life – the superiority of freedom, simplicity and comfort.

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